My grandfather is famous for wondering–loudly–why anyone would read fiction. Grandpa, I have no idea. I just write the stuff.


The Factory Witches of Lowell. November 2020. Print.  Recorded Books. November 2020. Audio.

Fire & Locket. Thurston Howl Publications. May 2019.



“They Are Still Building It.” Undeniable: Writers Respond to Climate Change. Alternating Current. April 2020. Reprint.

“Race to the Bottom.” Monday Night Lit #18. November 2018.

“They Are Still Building It.” Apparition Literary Magazine.  Issue 3: Vision.  July 2018.

Phoenix Cross.”  The Compassion Anthology.  Summer 2017.  Reprint.

“It Wants To Be a Swamp.” Mother’s Revenge. Scary Dairy Press, June 2017.

“Phoenix Cross.” Among Animals 2.  Ashland Creek Press, September 2016.

Mr. Pell.” Ares Magazine. Vol. 3. December 2015.

“Meat.” Among Animals. Ashland Creek Press, February 2014.  Reprint.

“The Weasel and the Dragon.” InfectiveINk. January 2014.

“Meat.” The Again. May  2013.

“The 12th Fairy.” Sorcerous Signals (web) and Mystic Signals (print). February 2013.

“Venus Genetrix.” Aphelion: The Webzine of Science Fiction and Fantasy. September 2008.

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