Talk Nerdy To Me

Some girls are always looking for the high school quarterback:
tall and tan, he’s the man
with the hot car and the tight six pack.
You realize those aren’t the guys I am interested by.
Muscles and a clear complexion
aren’t likely to win you my affection.
But if you know how much Luke got when he sold his old speeder,
let’s give it a try, you’re my type of guy,
I’ll play MJ to your Peter…

Talk nerdy to me:
invite me for some D and D.
Talk nerdy to me:
next install the graphics card on my PC.
Talk nerdy to me:
it’s my fantasy others lacked.
Talk nerdy to me:
it’s not science fiction; it is science fact.
I don’t need to be swept off my feet and firmly kissed,
what I need’s a partner who’ll help me solve Myst.

Talk nerdy to me;
The Wheel of Time may spin me.
Talk nerdy to me,
even without a sword you’re sure to win me.
Talk nerdy to me.
Then brush up on anime.
Talk nerdy to me.
I want to feel, with you, Spirited Away!
No, can’t say I am dreaming of one long honeymoon,
but it might be longer, you read me some Dune.

Talk nerdy to me:
intelligence is sexy.
Talk nerdy to me:
it’s the diff’rence between Clark Kent and Lexy.
Talk nerdy to me
and don’t be shy about it.
Talk nerdy to me:
spell your name in Elvish, I’m liable to shout it.
Fear is the mind killer, the Force is with you, sir.
So talk nerdy to me, you’ll make your own fan girl!

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